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The songs that they appear into "Add This Week" doesn't mean that they transmit for the first time. Many of them have transmitted several weeks ago into a scheduled regular base. The entrance of a song into "Add This Week" means that automatically starts a period of a scheduled steady transmission.

Despina Kritikou


Week 25 (15-21 Jun)

Artist: 3OH!3

Title: Don't Trust Me

Genre: Rock

Released: 8 Jul 2008 (USA), 29 Jun 2009 (UK)

Info: "Don't Trust Me" is the second single by the electronica band 3OH!3 released in 2008 and the third track of their debut album Want. The single was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America just several months after its release.

Artist: Pixie Lott

Title: Mama Do

Genre: R&B

Released: 8 Jun 2009

Info: "Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)" is the debut single by Pixie Lott from her debut album Turn It Up and was released on June 6, 2009 in the UK. The song was written by herself, Phil Thornalley and Mads Hauge, who also produced the single. Pixie Lott told Digital Spy that the song is "about sneaking out the house and going to see a specific person without your parents knowing about it."

Artist: Sahara

Title: Tyalee

Genre: R&B

Released: May 2009

Info: ---

Artist: Akcent

Title: That's My Name

Genre: Pop

Released: 18 Mar 2009

Info: ---

Artist: Eddy Wata

Title: My Dream (Radio)

Genre: Dance

Released: Apr 2009

Info: ---

Artist: Geo Da Silva & Andy Romano

Title: Bellezza (Radio)

Genre: Dance

Released: May 2009

Info: ---

Artist: Ketjak & Livin R feat Petra

Title: Tequila In The Sun

Genre: Dance

Released: Jun 2009

Info: ---

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